My Journey

As a producer my evolution has had me working with many programs. U started with FL studio, the demo to be honest. Wired it up so I can make my beats and instantly have them burned on to a Cd. After a few months of working that way I decided to finally pay for the program. I worked with it for about 5 years more or less. After that I got 1st apple tower computer off another producer. That came with cubebase and the Reasons production program. I spent alot of time on that program but didn’t record much on in those days. I say I was on Reasons for about another 5 to 6 years. On and off. I always took breaks from beat making and recording. Once the tower died my partner and I got an imac with logic pro 7. After some quick lessons from a good talented friend I was recording damn near on a daily basis. From Logic pro 7 I moved on to logic pro 9. Another great program. Made alot of music on there also. Within the last year we upgraded to logic pro x and I’ve been working on that ever since. Once in a while I work on Reasons but my main program is that logic. I’ve dabbled with different hardware and other programs in between but not enough to mention. I wrote this mainly for myself. I’ve been making music for a very long time and I forget how far I’ve come. While many have told me my production is on point I still don’t feel I’m where I want to be. So I stay humble, make music and continue to work on my passion. In this upcoming year I will be displaying some of the beats I’ve made. Might even sell a few who knows.


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