Bronx, New York

Bio: Trifecta Da Voice a.k.a Tri is an M.C and Producer that hails from the mother of Hip-Hop, The South Bronx. Trifecta has aways been a writer but didn't compose his 1st verse until 1994 while in High School. He instantly fell in love with the creative process. Since then he recorded, battled and performed countless times. He started producing around 2000. Forced actually by the lack of producers unwilling to work with an unsigned artist. He took matters into his own hands and started experimenting with sounds. By 2005 he was recording, engineering and producing his own songs. On his journey, he has been a part of various groups. From Wordz of Wizdom to The HardBody Boys, he stood out with his delivery and subject matter. Now as a solo artist he finds himself walking the fine line between underground Hip-Hop and Commercial music. With a versatile style and ability to write to almost any type of music, he is poised to make his mark. With his ever growing production skills he also bound to change the way Hip-Hop sounds. Unafraid to push the limits, this artist is surely making his own way.

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